I have two lovely children and, like every mother, at times we all experience a sense of despair when we see how our kids deal with their daily responsibilities and behavior. 

My children have grown used to my "service" of reminding them of their responsibilities and seeing to it that everything is prepared according to their needs. While some mothers set consistent rules for their child at an early age, that is no simple task for many of us. As in my own case, and it might be the same for you, this effort gets postponed again and again, making the transition to a responsible child ever more challenging.

When my son Vasik was in third grade, he could not yet understand that he had his own duties and was expected to be responsible for them himself. Maybe this was because I kept sharpening hispencils, packing his bag for school and reminding him about everything allthe time. It was then I began to think about how to involve himmore in his own responsibilities. 

So the idea to create the RE-KIDS PLANNERwas born. The RE-KIDS PLANNERwill teach my Vasek, and your child, about the responsibilities that we as parents want them to handle independently on their own as responsible kids.

     RE-KIDS means in short "responsible kids"